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Women's History Month Awards

PACCAL, through its founder Ms. Linda Mayo, initiated the recognition of women back in 2009 to align with the Women's History Month. This Community Empowerment Award - PACCAL's Women's History Month Awards is  given to women who demonstrate an outstanding commitment in their field of endeavor. 

It is PACCAL's goal to share the stories of these ladies who deserves to be heard, recognized, and serve as inspiration to the future women leaders. This day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of these women for their strength, resilience, and determination that each of them bring to ensure every female is given the same opportunity as others.


PACCAL's Women's History Month 2019 Honorary Chairs

Mrs. Nieva Burdick

Honorary Chairperson

Mr. Mark Alvarez

Honorary Chairperson

Mrs. Pilar Monje

Honorary Chairperson

PACCAL's Women's History Month 2019

We are honored to announce the roster of honorees for PACCAL's Women's History Month for the year.

Mrs. Cherry Smyth

Honoree for Woman of Influence

Mrs. Benilda Ramos

Honoree for Healthcare Service

Mrs. Joy Mendoza

Honoree for Entrepreneurship

Ms. Maita Quioge

Honoree for Medical Aesthetics

Mrs. Demi Kondracki

Honoree for Nursing

Mrs. Janette Doria

Honoree for Nursing Management

Mrs. Karlene Grace Binuya

Honoree for TeachingProfession

Dr. Marilyn Dizon-Umali

Honoree for Physical Therapy

Ms. Vanny Tousignant

Honoree for International Fashion

Ms. Analia Farfan

Honoree for International Classical Dance

Ms. Lirazen Rose

Honoree for Performing Arts

Ms. Maita Lockheart

Honoree for Media and Broadcast

Ms. Jeanette Marco

Honoree for Social Media and Events

Ms. Imogene Raypon

Honoree for Beauty Enhancement

Ms. Shirley Capaldo

Honoree for Fashion and Event Organizing

Mrs. Maricar Taino

Honoree for Community Volunteerism

Ms. Jerrilyn Calong

Honoree as Senior Citizen of the Year

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