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PACCAL AWARDS was conceived to bring honor to  outstanding individuals whose efforts in their profession uplifts and creates a better community we live in. It is PACCAL's goal to share the stories of these men and women who deserves to be heard, recognized, and serve as inspiration to others.

On October 23, 2021, PACCAL resumed with the Anniversary Dinner and Dance honoring amazing men and women. The event was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel at 160-A Frontage Road, Newark, New Jersey.

This year's Honorary Chair were

Mrs. Rose Parreno, Dr. Francia De Vera, and Mr. Mark Alvarez



Sponsorships and Business Advertisers continue to help with the continuity, progress and elevation of the event.


Proceeds from donations will be used for PACCAL's programs and projects:

1) For the Older Adults Outreach Programs

2) For the Young People's Program primarily to help develop personal and professional skills through training and mentorship.

Our past and current activities are available at Our Track Record. Feel free to visit this site.


For sponsorship and donorship purposes, you may send inquiries to You may send in your sponsorship and/or donation

 - via paypal at

  - or endorse a check to PACCAL (Mail to PACCAL, 380 Monmouth St., Jersey City, NJ 07302)

As a 501c(3) organization, we will provide receipts to our donors.

To submit a business advertisement or personal greeting that will be made available on the commemorative digital journal, you may send it to Payment information will be same as above. Printed copies will be provided to each honorees, donors, and sponsors. Additional copies will be printed and can be provided at a cost.

Previous honorees can be found here:

<Link will be provided>

Previous Digital Journals are available here:


For any comments or questions, email


Rose Parreno.png

Rose Parreno

Honorary Chair


Dr. Francia DeVera

Honorary Chair

Mark Alvarez.jpg

Mark Alvarez

Honorary Chair

Restituto Estacio.jpg
Cherry Smyth.jpg
Ray Maranan.jpg
Ruffy Ronas.jpg

Social Services

Education Advocate


Social MediaAdvertising

Restituto Estacio, MD

Cherry Smyth

Ray Maranan

Ruffy Ronas

Romulo Aromin.jpg

Dr. Romulo Aromin


Myrna Young.jpg



Allan Mendez.jpg

Allan Mendez

Physical Therapy

Jan Paul Pablo_edited.jpg

Jan Paul Pablo


Peter Marco.jpg


Visual Arts

Kevin Obate.jpg

Kevin Obate

Physical Therapy

Manny and Ditas Malasig.jpg

Dr. Manny & Ditas


Parents of the Year

Sally Carungay.jpg



Senior of the Year

Mel and Ogie Mendoza.jpg

Robert & Melissa


Producer of the Year

Take The Stage.jpg

Take The


Entertainer of the Year

Sabrina Ramos.jpg



Teen Beauty


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