OUR Track Record

1992  In October, PACCAL was created.

1993  Supported the Filipino Veteran's Appeal for the passage of the Equity Bill.

          Started voter's registration drive.

          Cultural programs such as the drama play "Back to The Roots"

          "Palarong Bata" games/tournaments for children

1994  Bone Marrow Donation Education Drive, in collaboration with the Filipino American Catholic Action

          Started well-being checks on some Filipino American seniors and veterans.

          Assisted in getting them bus transportation, paperwork and helping them with their social and           

               recreational activities.

1995  Annual gift giving and toy drive for indigent children

          In collaboration with various community based organizations.

1996  1st Youth and Family Forum (A needs assessment and focus group discussions). 

          Organized to bring Filipino Americans together to open address issues and concerns affecting the youth,

               the elderly, the family, and the community.

          Joined the Billboard Action Coalition of the Hudson County Community Partnership, a coalition of diverse

              community based organizations that campaigned against alcohol & tobacco

1997 Spearheaded a collaborative effort with the Jersey City Public Library in bringing a large collection of

              Filipiniana books to all the library branches in Jersey City in response to the needs of the Filipino

               American youth to know more about their cultural history and heritage and to help them resolve

               their identity crisis.

1998  Helped organize a community-based Filipino American Youth League and sponsored some of its

              members in getting scholarships to attend youth leadership conferences and training camps outside of

               Jersey City

          Held a 2nd Youth and Family Forum (A needs assessment and focus group discussions). Organized to

               bring Filipino Americans together to address health issues such as HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

          Participated in cultural sensitivity meetings and training with the Jersey City Police Department and

               the International Institute to address the gang issue among the Filipino American youths in Jersey City.

1999  Participated in the CFNJ-POPS sponsored Parenting Skills Training and Group Facilitating

          Held a 1st Parents Workshop organized for doing needs assessment the goal of which was to address                   the issues and concerns of Filipino parents of American born and raised children.

          Held a 2nd Parents Workshop organized to do needs assessment on HIV/AIDS and other parental

                concerns like teen-age pregnancy, sex education, drugs, and gangs.

2000  Collaborated with the Association of Filipino Teachers in America to teach Pilipino, Philippine History

               and Culture, songs and folk dances to Jersey City youths through the "Super Saturdays Programs of

               the Jersey City Public Schools"

          Organized holiday celebrations, educational and cultural workshops for adults and children from diverse

                backgrounds and ethnicities in conjunction with the CFNJ-POPS Project.

          Assisted battered Filipino American women (6 cases)  with their court cases accompanying them

               (as moral support) during their court dates, writing letters and calling agencies for assistance in

               home shelter, welfare application and looking for affordable and/or free legal assistance.

          Assisted Filipino-American families with children having problems on drugs, gang involvement;

               child custody referring them to appropriate agencies and programs, providing them

               paperwork assistance, and support group assistance.

2002   Celebrated and recognized 10 Asian American Women of Achievement during Women of History


           Reading America Program in collaboration with the Jersey City Free Public Library and funded by

                the MetLife Foundation

          CFNJ-POPS Sponsored Parenting Skills Training 

          Filipiniana Exhibits (Promoting Philippine Heritage and Culture)

          Alcohol and Tobacco Billboard Alert

          Social and Recreational Activities for Seniors

          HIV/AIDS Outreach Program

          Voters Registration and Citizenship Drives with other Hudson County organizations

          Gang Prevention Activities

          Diabetes Education and Prevention Programs

          Cultural and Folk Arts Program

          Referrals to affordable medical check-ups and health services to the Horizon Health Center.